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SafetyWing Review – Costs, Coverage & Covid-19


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Your suitcase is packed, your passport’s stored safely in your pocket, and your phone is loaded with all your favorite songs for the flight. Although you may think you’re completely prepared for the journey ahead of you, you might be missing one crucial item – SafetyWing insurance!

Travel insurance is one of the most important (if not the most important) things you should take on your trip. Not only does it protect you against unforeseen travel mishaps like lost luggage and delayed flights, but it also covers you in case you get into a major accident abroad. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills because you forgot to purchase a travel insurance policy!

Although there are dozens of travel insurance companies to choose from, we want to share with you why SafetyWing is a great option for many travelers. In this SafetyWing review, we’ll explain what they include in their policy and what makes them different from other companies on the market.

What is SafetyWing?

SafetyWing is one of the newest insurance providers on the market. They currently have two different insurance offerings – Remote Health Insurance and Nomad Insurance. Their Remote Health Insurance plan is targeted at expats who need health coverage (outpatient and emergency) while living abroad, but not necessarily travel insurance coverage.

SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance plan is for short or long term travelers, as it covers both medical emergencies and unexpected travel mishaps.

In this SafetyWing review, we’ll be covering their Nomad Insurance plan, which is suitable for anyone embarking on a trip outside their home country.

How does SafetyWing work?

When you purchase the SafetyWing Nomad insurance policy, you will be covered for a variety of emergency medical treatments and unexpected travel incidents. 

The Nomad Insurance plan comes with a $250,000 maximum limit with a $250 deductible each year (although this coverage drops to $100,000 if you’re older than 60). To put that in simpler terms, SafetyWing will reimburse medical bills and trip expenses up to $250,000, as long as you pay the $250 deductible each year first.

Some benefits are not subject to the deductible, which means your insurance plan will kick in immediately without requiring you to pay a certain amount upfront first. 

While we recommend purchasing travel insurance before you start your trip, it’s not a requirement. In fact, SafetyWing is one of the few insurance companies that allows you to purchase a policy while you’re already on the road and even if you’re in a different country!

You can purchase a policy for trips as short as five days or as long as a year. If you’re unsure how long you’ll be out of town, then it’s possible to enroll in their monthly renewal program. It works like a subscription program, so you’ll be charged every 4 weeks (or 28 days) while you’re traveling.

Similarly, you aren’t limited to how long you can have an insurance policy with SafetyWing. So if you decide to continue traveling for two, three, or even five years, then you’ll always be protected with a travel insurance plan.

Because of the flexible end and start dates, SafetyWing is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have their plans set in stone.

How Much Does SafetyWing Cost? 

When it comes to costs, there are three factors to take into account.

  1. Your age
  2. The duration of your trip
  3. Whether you are traveling to the US 

For example, travelers between the ages of 10 and 39 have a flat rate of just $40 for 4 weeks of coverage. This price increases as you get older. For instance, travelers between 40 and 49 will pay $64.68 for 4 weeks, while travelers between 50 and 59 can expect to pay $101.64

Coverage is available to travelers as old as 69 and as young as 15 days old. If you do happen to be traveling with children, then you’ll be happy to know that kids between the age of 15 days and 9 years are included with your policy free of charge.

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The cost of your SafetyWing policy also increases if you are traveling to the US. By adding US coverage, your policy for 4 weeks will cost a total of $73.08 (for age 19-39), $120.40 (for age 40-49), and $198.24 (for age 50-59)

What’s Included With SafetyWing Insurance?

Your SafetyWing insurance policy includes protection for both medical and travel-related incidents.

All your benefits can be reimbursed up to the $250,000 maximum ($100,000 for travelers age 60-69). This amount should be more than sufficient to cover most hospital visits and minor emergencies, but keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for the remainder of the bill if it exceeds $250,000.

When it comes to medical emergencies, you’ll be covered in full up to the maximum amount. If you need to be transported by ambulance or helicopter, your policy will also cover up to $100,000 worth of emergency evacuation services

In addition to medical emergencies, SafetyWing also provides $50 a day for outpatient physical therapy, $1,000 in emergency dental, and $150 for emergency eye exams. These are great benefits that you won’t find in many other travel insurance policies.

SafetyWing also has decent travel-related coverage, including up to $5,000 for trip interruption. So if you miss your return flight home because you were sick or injured, SafetyWing will reimburse you for your new flight. 

Lost luggage is also covered in the Nomad Insurance policy. While most airline companies are able to return your lost luggage to you within a reasonable time, SafeyWing has your back in the rare case that doesn’t happen. They will pay $500 for each item up to a total of $3,000 per policy period (with a $6,000 lifetime limit).

But that’s not all! SafetyWing has also graciously offered reimbursement for the following scenarios:

  • Emergency reunion and bedside visit
  • Political evacuation
  • Pet return
  • Lost or stolen passport
  • Terrorism
  • Travel Delay
  • Border protection entry (for travelers entering the US on a B-2 Visa)
  • Personal liability
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
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While SafetyWing covers most incidents and injuries, some situations aren’t included in your policy.

  • Travel to Iran, North Korea, and Cuba (However, US Citizens are covered for Cuba)
  • Cancer treatment
  • Routine check-ups and nonessential treatments
  • Nonessential treatment for pre-existing conditions
  • Lost or stolen personal belongings (except for lost or stolen passports and lost luggage by the airlines)
  • Trip cancellation due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. Although you are covered if you miss your flight back home due to an injury or illness, you will not have coverage if you have to cancel your flight or hotel before your trip starts.

The last two items are important to remember. Unlike other travel insurance policies, SafetyWing surprisingly does not cover lost, stolen, or damaged luggage or non-refundable expenses if you are no longer able to go on your trip. It’s not a major deal breaker, but it can be an issue for anyone who has spent a lot of money for their trip (or anyone who is traveling with expensive belongings or gear).

Home Country Coverage

One of the best benefits of a SafetyWing policy is their home country coverage. If you’re planning to travel back home periodically during your trip, you’ll still have the same travel insurance benefits that you would while being abroad.

US citizens are covered for trips up to 15 days within a 90-day period, while other citizens can use their policy for up to 30 days within a 90-day period. 

Very few travel insurance policies offer this perk to their customers, so it’s one of the biggest selling points if you’re comparing different companies.

COVID-19 Coverage

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people wary about traveling to a new city or country. The rules of travel are constantly changing, making it difficult to know exactly what would happen if you were to get infected while abroad.

Thankfully, SafetyWing includes coverage for incidents related to COVID-19. In the rare situation that you do contract COVID-19 while traveling, then you’ll be covered in full if you need to see a doctor or visit the hospital. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen, but at least you’ll know you have coverage.

Sports and Activity Coverage

Thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to know that SafetyWing provides coverage in case you need to seek treatment related to extreme sports or activities. There are over 50 different types of activities covered, including wakeboarding, kayaking, sailing, and even paintballing.

However, not all sports are included. You can see a full list of activities that are not covered under the “Sports and Activities” section in your policy document.

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Finally, keep in mind that insurance doesn’t cover professional athletics or instructors who get injured while participating in their chosen sport. But if you’re just skiing, hiking, or playing soccer for fun, then you can rest easy knowing you’ll be covered.

How to Apply for SafetyWing Insurance

From purchasing a plan to filing a claim, everything related to your policy can be easily handled online. Once you’re ready to take out a policy with SafetyWing, you can go to their website to start the travel insurance application process.

1. Create an account with SafetyWing. You will need to provide your personal information, like your birthday, citizenship, and home address.

2. Once you have an active account, navigate to the “Insurance” tab. Since you have not yet signed up for a policy, this page should be blank. 

If you already have the dates for your trip, you can enter them on this page. While you will need to select a start date, you are not required to submit an end date. Remember – SafetyWing is ultra-flexible when it comes to the length of coverage, and if you sign up for their subscription plan, you can automatically have your policy renewed each month.

3. After you have entered a start date for your policy, you should see the expected price of your plan to the right. If everything looks good, you can click, “next” under the total amount.

4. The wizard on the following page will require you to enter more specific details about your personal information as well as your trip abroad. After all that information is filled out, you’ll need to enter credit card information for payment.

Once everything is finalized and paid, you should get a confirmation email. Now all you’ll have to do is patiently wait for your exhilarating trip to start!

How to File a Claim with SafteyWing Insurance

With other insurance providers, filing a claim for reimbursement can be a pain in the butt. But thankfully, SafetyWing has streamlined this process, making it incredible easy for you to ask for reimbursement no matter where in the world you are.

1. No matter what happens on your trip, it’s crucial that you document the incident. Without proper evidence or documentation, SafetyWing won’t be able to reimburse you for medical bills or travel expenses. The more proof you can provide, the more likely it is that SafetyWing accepts your claim.

If you’re filing a claim for a medical emergency, you should provide the hospital bill and any details about your visit. If you’re filing a claim for lost luggage, you’ll need a report from the airlines.

2. Log into your SafetyWing account and download the Claimants Statement. Fill out this form with necessary information about your incident either by hand or in a PDF. You only need to submit information related to your claim (for example, you won’t have to fill out the medical section if you are filing a travel-related incident). 

3. With the Claimants Statement and incident documents in hand, visit the claim portal with Tokio Marine (the holding company who backs SafetyWing). Click on “Submitting a Claim or an Appeal” then click “Submit Claim”.

4. Fill out your information in the pop-up window. Here, you will attach the Claimants Statement as well as any documentation regarding your incident.

5. Once the claim is submitted, you may need to wait several days for confirmation. According to SafeyWing, it may take up to three business days to receive a confirmation email stating that you filed the claim.

6. Now the real waiting game begins! SafetyWing and Tokio Marine have approximately 45 days to process your claim. If they have further questions or require more information, they will be in touch. But from our experience, they’re usually a lot faster!

7. If your claim has been accepted, then you’ll receive reimbursement directly to your bank through wire transfer! 

Bottom Line

As one of the newest players in the travel insurance game, SafetyWing is a decent option for short and long term adventurers looking for reliable travel insurance. And with coverage for COVID-19, extreme sports, and emergency incidents, you can jet set across the world knowing you’re fully backed by one of the most trusted insurance companies out there.

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Not sure if SafetyWing is the right travel insurance for you? Also check out our travel insurance comparison guide.

Disclaimer: All of the information provided about travel insurance is a brief summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions of the travel insurance plans described. Coverage may not be available for residents of all countries, states or provinces. Please carefully read your policy wording for a full description of coverage.

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